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   I have known Hai Vo for at least 10 years while having my vehicles worked on. I have been in the service industry and also a policeman. Hai has worked on many different types of vehicles along with strange problems which go wrong with all these things. I have never left that shop unsatisfied nor feel like I was taken advantage of after I left. Every time I have ever had my vehicles to get fixed Hai has always gone the extra step by giving every vehicle that was brought in a total inspection. ( Love the extra step) Hai has rebuilt an 81 Pontiac, and repaired 2005 Cadillac CTS, Ford F-150, BMW X3 2007, 2009 & 2011 Suburban.


I have worked in other businesses which were auto related and have known many auto mechanics but yet have found a better person who takes his time and delivers the service as if he is placing his own family in the car going down the road.


I have sent 3 children to get their vehicles repaired by him and swear by Hai's repairs and service. Hai has found things that the dealer couldn't find wrong with the items. Hope that tells you how I feel about Hai Vo. He is a wonderful person and plan on following his career wherever he decides to open a repair shop or work.

      Teddy Madsen

Retired CPD Officer

River North, Chicago IL

February 2017


    I, Michael Leader, owned a manufacturing jewelry business, and am now retired. My wife, Pamela Shaw, was a flight attendant for  United Airlines for 26 years. We are writing to recommend Mr. Hai Vo for his expertise, honesty and integrity. We have followed Mr. Vo, from 3 different auto repair shops, for 15 years.  He has  always done expert work at a reasonable price.  We often recommend Mr. Vo to our friends. We feel that he is an excellent mechanic and a good communicator.  

We trust that you also will see all of these excellent qualities in Mr. Vo.

 Pamela Shaw

 Michael Leader

Wicker Park, Chicago IL


My name is Roy Kawasaki, I have been a Chicago Police Officer and lived on the northwest side of the city for the past 30 years.

I have been taking my vehicle to Mr. Hai Vo for approximately eight  years. In that time he has performed everything from oil changes to engine replacements on my vehicles. I have been more than satisfied with his honesty and quality of work. I have and will continue to recommend his work to friends and family. Mr. Vo will continue to be my mechanic wherever he sets up shop.               

Respectfully Yours,       

Roy Kawasaki

February 2017


 I usually work on my own cars but it was so cold one winter I just couldn't'. I asked my girlfriend who she went to for automotive service. She said she had a great mechanic, and had high praise for Hai so I thought I would give him a try. When I met Hai, he listened to my description of what service I needed to my car, and was very courteous. To my surprise the work was completed quickly, excellent work, at a fair price. To say I was happily surprised was an understatement. Best service I have ever had and excellent quality! Since I have worked on my cars for the last 45 years, to trust someone else with my vehicle is really a testimony to Hai's skill. Needless to say I have been going to Hai for the last 4 years and am a loyal customer. I have also recommended my son, his girlfriend, and my daughter to Hai.

 Just a final note ,recently I had my car towed to Hai because my water pump belt tensioner froze and burned up the belt. Hai did his excellent work, as always, quickly and to perfection, but I did not have a way to pick up my car and was going to take a cab. I called Hai and he said, "Rich, no problem. I will pick you up on the way to the shop tomorrow morning. NOW THAT'S SERVICE ABOVE AND BEYOND!  Now, would you go anywhere else for your automotive service?   


Richard Fricano

Manager, Machine Builder

Des Plaines Il, 60016

              February 2017


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